1) Don't harass staff or players


2) Don't exploit or abuse any bugs - Report them on discord


3) Any inappropriate usernames/ skins will result in a ban until its changed to something more suitable


4) A ban is a ban any evading of said ban will result in the ban being extended to a member of staffs discretion


5) No hacking or game enhancing mods/scripts


6) No selling in game items for real life money or items.


7) No racist, offensive, homophobic builds, item names, skins, drawings etc. - Use common sense.


8) Do not use Marcos or scripts


9) No Scamming


10) No excessive caps

11) No swearing - This is due to a young playerbase

12) No advertising - Sharing, ip's, links and informing members of other community names

13) Do not pester staff for free items and Ranks